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What if Julian Assange, the famous
head of WikiLeaks, decided to test
the system? What if he tried to leave
the Ecuadorian embassy in London,
fly to Stockholm, and give a statement
to the authorities? How likely would it
be for him to get any kind of a fair shake?
What's the former PM been up to?
We haven't heard much about him
since the election. Maybe he just
wanted to be left alone, somewhere
quiet, and work with ordinary Canadians.
It's the summer of 2016. Legendary
Winnipeg rocker Burton Cummings is back
in his hometown. He decides to catch
Jerry Seinfeld's show at a popular local
club, owned by two brothers who always
find Cummings a table when he drops in.
But that Saturday night, the club is in the
hands of a twenty-three year old assistant manager, a determined young man who
isn't sure Cummings is who he says he is.
             Julian's Double
Whatever Happened To Harper?
One Egg, One Sandwich
Cary Miller is about to graduate from high school in his small mid-western hometown. Living in poverty with his mother, he dreams of going away to a top university, of escaping to a better life. His grades are good, but not of scholarship calibre. With no financial support, he has few options. When he becomes aware of a full-ride scholarship targeted exclusively to the LGBTQ community, he decides to represent himself as being gay and apply.
          The Scholarship Student

Born in rural Manitoba, identical male twins Mervin and Marvin are now in their mid-twenties, establishing their professional careers in Winnipeg. As young men with very healthy sex drives, the twins' world of girlfriends and dating is anything but typical.
          Mervin and Marvin
Terri-Lynn May and Tommy Allstedder. Theirs was a wedding in a class by itself. Aside from the furious arrangements leading up to the event, there were the unseemly circumstances surrounding the couple's decision to marry. An unfaithful groom, a vindictive mistress and a bone-chilling ultimatum, all played their parts. But the reason no one who was there will ever forget it, was the incredible spectacle at the dinner party.
          The May August Wedding
A solitary, miserly old lady learns she has only a short time to live. Hidden away under her bed
is an antique tea caddy, stuffed with cash. Not a single person in the world deserves even a dollar of her money. So what's wrong with taking her money with her when she goes?
You Can't Take It With You
A collection of stories about the way people and things appear; stories about cunning, deception, misrepresentation and false negatives. With illustrations
by artist Paul Bergman. Click on the cover images below for excerpts from the stories. Appearances is available in paperback and as an ebook from Amazon.

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